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Preparation Over Prevention: An Alternative Approach

Welcome to IntHERupt, where we empower women to navigate workplace sexual harassment with confidence and integrity. At IntHERupt, we understand the complexities and challenges that arise when facing inappropriate behavior in professional settings. That's why we provide a unique blend of role-playing, education, and value identification to help women craft responses that align with their personal values.

Our approach is centered around empowering individuals to assert themselves effectively while upholding their principles. Through tailored role-playing scenarios and comprehensive education, we equip women with the tools and strategies necessary to address workplace harassment assertively and confidently.

Women Holding Hands
Leadership Presentation

Our mission is to provide the support and resources necessary to navigate challenging situations with strength and integrity.

“IntHERupt encourages the corporate shift towards empowerment and away from complacency in a safe and engaging environment.”

- Breann H.

"IntHERupt is a very powerful essential resource for women like myself, who have struggled in silence or are struggling to confidently use their voice when unfathomable situations of sexual harassment arise in their workplace and beyond."

- Chelsea D.

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